Health & Safety Consultancy

A competent consultant can provide innovative solutions in respect of the construction health and safety challenges that all organisations experience.


Our health and safety inspections comprise of a 1-2 hour visit by a NEBOSH qualified health and safety adviser.


If you employ 5 or more workers then all construction businesses must have a written Health and Safety Policy.

PAT Testing

PAT Testing is a simple procedure where all portable appliances contained within the premises are routinely checked to ensure they are safe.

Fire Risk Assessment

We are experienced in fire risk assessments and know how to complete this to the health and safety standards.

We are a health and safety consultancy practice based in Essex which allows us to service our clients in London and Kent, as well as Essex, offering the full range of health and safety services primarily to the construction industry. We are tailored to meet the operational needs of the organisation or business that requires our health and safety services, ranging from inspections to audits.

If you are a business owner who do you turn to for health and safety advice? Well it is simple. You can contact us, Hart Safety. We are a professional company based in Essex that can provide you with all the health and safety regulations you need when running a business. We are the perfect company that can give you advice when it comes to looking after your employees. Our qualified health and safety consultants are here to reassure you, that you are doing your best to keep your employees safe at all times. We have had many years of experience when it comes to inspections, audits, accident investigations and other health and safety services you could need.

Regulations concerning health and safety have become very severe, and it is in your interest only to comply with these rules and regulations. There are many business owners who feel that complying with these regulations means tying their hands and following tedious administration. However, it is an incorrect perception and, by improving health and safety standards in your workplace, you may actually increase the efficiency, happiness and ultimately the profitability of your company because your workers are happy with the knowledge they are working in safe and secure environment.

You may think it is not easy to comply with all the health and safety related regulations passed by the authorities to make the workplace a safer and more secure place for the workers. There are many kinds of hazards that can potentially harm the health and safety of the employees. As the owner of the business, you do not have the time and the resources to even identify and quantify these hazards. You can however, hire the services of Hart Health and Safety Consultancy to make sure that your company adheres to all the health and safety regulations in place. With Hart Safety, it is like having a second pair of eyes. We know the rules and we know what to look out for, so nothing can be missed. We will educate you with everything you need to know about health and safety.

As you will see from our website, we are hugely experienced within many business sectors and have worked closely on multiple construction projects in London, Essex and Kent.

While working with your business we can easily identify potential hazards and then put in place procedures ensuring we make the workplace a more secure place for everyone.

Roles and responsibilities of our health and safety consultancy practice:

  • Carries out risk assessments and considers how risk could be minimized
  • Outlines safe operational procedures and identifies possible hazards
  • Carries out frequent inspection of the site to make sure that all rules and regulations regarding health and safety are being followed
  • Keeps records of these inspections and prepares reports that recommend improvements
  • Helping in safe disposal of substances that are potential hazards
  • Helps in safe installation of machinery and other equipment

Once you hire the services of Hart Safety, we become responsible for carrying out periodic risk assessments. We will check whether the employees are wearing protective equipment when needed. We will make sure that there are enough warning signs at strategic points on the workplace. After carrying out any of the inspection of the workplace, the health and safety consultant will hand over a list of all points related to any safety issues that have been found to the management team.

In addition to these responsibilities, the company also develops safety manuals and provides safety training to the employees.

If you are in the London, Kent or Essex then please contact us if you would like to hear about the services we provide.