The Noise at Work Regulations 2005 actually came into force April 2006 and sets a reasonable limit for the noise workers should be exposed to on a daily/weekly basis to protect their health and hearing.

Hart Safety use only the latest equipment for our noise risk assessment service. The aim of our assessment within the working environment would be to ensure that you put the health of your workers who are exposed to noise first, while ensuring your business remains compliant with these important regulations. One of our experienced staff would firstly identify if there is any risk to your employees, if so how many are being affected and most importantly, who. We might find it necessary to take measurements (but this maybe not always be the case) and reliable estimates of the exposure to compare to what is deemed satisfactory. Factors such as how long your employees are exposed to the noise will be considered. We will then identify what you will need to put into place to ensure that your business complies with the law. We can then decide whether the staff will need hearing protection and then what type of hearing protection will be suitable for your specific type of workplace.

We will provide you with a full copy of the report, stating what is being done correctly and what measures will need to be put in place for the future.

Hart Safety will always recommend that regular assessments are carried out to ensure that your business continues to be compliant with the law at all times. Your staffs health and safety are very important. Should you feel that an assessment needs to be carried out within your workplace in London, Essex or Kent, please call us and we will be happy to visit the premises to provide help and guidance.