For certain jobs, you are going to require specialist equipment and you need to know that it will fit perfectly on you. If you have a business that provides RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) to your employees then it is important that this equipment provides complete protection for the wearer. Not everyone is the same build or has the same size head so most problems occur when the RPE leaks because it has not been fitted correctly. As everyone is different, it is unlikely that one type or size will protect everyone. This is why Hart Safety provide Face Fit Testing. We think it is important for employers to put their staff first and supply them with the right equipment to keep the safe.

We will come to your workplace and will ensure that the equipment that is being used for a specialised job is suitable for each wearer. It is vital that the exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances is prevented. Things like silica and asbestos are very harmful and have caused many long term illnesses and many deaths over the years due the amount of exposure some people have had to these. We will help to prevent this from happening and keep your staff healthy and safe. The RPE should be fitted so the face seal is as tight to the skin as possible, but not causing any discomfort to the person wearing it. The last thing you want to do is to reduce protection.

If your employee has had substantial dental work, has gained or lost weight or maybe develops a change around the face seal area then another face fit test would be required. If your job requires you to wear googles or a hard hat you will be asked to wear these during the face fit test.

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