Portable Appliance Testing is a service that Hart Safety provide to our clients and we often find that we are sent to either a site/project premises or a head office premise to carry out these tests. The length of time it takes will depend on the size of the premises and how many devices need checking. We can give you an exact time frame when we meet you.

PAT Testing is a simple procedure where all portable appliance contained within the premises are routinely checked to ensure they are safe. There are regulations in place that require all electrical appliances are regularly checked and maintained to prevent any harm to your workers. The regularity to which each electrical item is tested is dependant of the appliance itself and the environment in which it is used. The testing must be done regularly by a competent person and guidelines suggest from 3 months for any construction equipment and up to a year for most office equipment. We specialise in this service and our friendly experienced staff are trained to carry out these tests on all types of equipment you may have.

A small office has a number of computers, printers and fax machine. The computers, fax machine and printers should be arranged in such a way that all their cables and wires are not trapped and that they stay in the same place and do not cause any disruption to your workers. We will test this type of equipment ensuring it is safe and that the electrical equipment is working properly and will not start a fire. Unfortunately, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 only requires that electronics be kept in a safe condition, but does not specify how often or who is responsible to carry out the tests. In other words, PAT is not a legal requirement, resulting in companies overlooking this safety measure. For the safety and health of your staff, you should take the initiative and hire Hart Safety to have PAT testing done anyway.

We carry out these tests not only in offices but anywhere on construction sites that use portable electrical appliances. It is also highly recommended that we keep records of every PAT done and label each piece of equipment that has already been tested. Although this is not a requirement, doing so can be a beneficial. Given that new equipment are in good condition, PAT is not required. However, it should undergo visual inspection to ensure that there is no damage and all parts are complete and intact.

PAT Pointers

  • PAT is more important in high-risks environment where electronic equipment is used, and it has to be done more frequently than in low-risks environment, such as an office.
  • All portable electronic equipment must be checked for damage, regardless if it is used in high or low-risk environment.
  • Anyone with training and knowledge can run PAT, provided that they have the right equipment to carry out the task properly, and that they have the ability to read and understand the results.
  • Visual inspection is the first step to determine if PAT is essential to a particular device.

This is why working with a health and safety consultancy firm is highly recommended. Where electricity is concerned, you should not be complacent. Regardless of the industry that you are in, as long as you use electrical equipment, PAT is essential. Although it is not compulsory by law, you should make it a priority. Speak to Hart Safety today.