A COSHH assessment is a report that concentrates on the risks and hazards of all substances that are used within a workplace, along with work processes that can produce harmful substances, i.e. crystalline silica dust, mist, gas and fumes and also liquids, dust and pastes that come into contact with the skin.
Hart Safety can provide you with a COSHH assessment. The first step is to get a general understanding and overview of any problems that may be present in the industry. What we are looking for is the area where the worker is potentially exposed to any health injurious products.

Soldering and welding produces fumes, metalwork produces mist, silage produces gases and quarrying produces dust. All of these things are harmful and can affect your workers.

Hart Safety can carry out a risk assessment and identified which harmful substances are present in your workplace and how your employees can be harmed. We will provide advice on how to prevent exposure in the first place and how your staff can be protected when prevention is not possible. We can supply you with a safety guide that provides you with all the information you need to know about these harmful substances. They cannot always be avoided so it is best to be aware of them all.

  • Do you really need to use a particular substance, or is a safer alternative available?
  • Can you change the process to eliminate its use or avoid producing it? If this is not possible, you must put in place adequate control measures to reduce exposure
  • You should think about how often your workers work with these substances and how long for
  • You could consider anyone else that could be exposed to these substances

Hart Safety wants to work with you so you will be able to manage your company’s risks.
We can help you to change the way you run your business by offering you our health and safety services. We would only be too happy to provide you with the assessment you require if you are in Essex, London or Kent, so please contact us today for more information.