If you employ 5 or more workers then all construction businesses must have a written health and safety policy. The policy itself does not need to be complicated but should state how your company will follow the health and safety guidelines in all projects undertaken. These should be written in such a way that all your employees can understand them and be able to follow the instructions that are stated.

Hart Safety is always happy to assist with this policy and indeed have also been asked in the past to compile them for clients who have less than 5 operatives as it is an easy reference guide to follow. We can explain anything on the policy that may be confusing or may not be as clear to some people as others. It is important that your employees have a copy of these policies and maybe a good idea to keep them up to date especially if the policy needs to be updated or changed.

If you have many projects that are different, then you will need a health and safety file for each job that everyone on site can refer too. Many of our existing clients require this. The health and safety policies will also include many other relevant documentation and registers to prove that the site is being run efficiently and compliant.

Hart Safety are also very happy to prepare and produce any other policies that may be required for our client. Your company may have been required to have an Environmental Policy, Fire Risk Policy, Asbestos Policy or maybe an Equal Opportunities Policy, whatever you need we can certainly assist you. Our services also consist of reviewing existing policies to ensure that they are up to date and relevant to your business.