The Health and Safety at Work Act is put into place to make sure employees are safe while they are at work. We are here to help clients to comply with these rules and to give their companies regular inspections to ensure their staff are safe.

All our health and safety Inspections comprise of a 1 to 2 hour visit and inspection to site/premises by a NEBOSH qualified health and safety adviser. They will inspect the workplace and produce an electronic report to the nominated company representative, giving a full detailed report of what is being done properly and what needs to be improved. If a problem arises then we will work with you and offer you the best solutions to solve these issues.

Most of our visits are made on a monthly basis but it has been deemed necessary from time to time to increase the visits to either weekly or fortnightly, depending on the project and experience of the operatives. This decision is entirely down to the client but, if we feel that a site needs more assistance, Hart Safety will make a recommendation to the client to increase the frequency of visits.

If we find that the site is still lacking in any areas, then Hart Safety will notify you on the report of what remedial actions were taken before and we will then find an alternative solution and will note down what would be required of you to make these changes. Please feel free to contact us should there be anything else we can assist with.
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